RED STONE オリジナルサウンドトラック

PC用オンラインRPG「RED STONE」のサウンドトラック。

 1.Title- Legend of Red Stone
 2.Brunenstig- Old City Brunenstig
 3.Grassland- Echo of Wind
 4.Cave- Impression of Adventure
 5.Mountain Village- My Sweety Home
 6.Mountain- Teeth of the Earth
 7.Dungeon- Cold Spirits
 8.Mine- Dark Stream
 9.Liberation Team- Sorrow of Pure White
10.Desert- Yellow Sand, Oasis, and Life
11.Desert Village- Cactus
12.Ruined City- Scar of Brick
13.Savanna- Beat of Root
14.Tower- Dancing Gear
15.Small Town- Incongruity
16.Temple- Rose Window
17.Legend of Red Stone(アレンジ)
18.-Little Choice-
   ~「RED STONE」イメージソング~(Japanese Version)
19.-Little Choice-
   ~「RED STONE」イメージソング~(Korean Version)

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